By integrating strategy, people and innovation we believe you can harness more ORGANISATIONAL VALUE than by focusing on any one element alone.

We haven’t yet met a company that wouldn’t like to find a great BIG new idea – one that will help it progress. The challenge within most businesses is where to start and that’s where we come in.

BRG specialises in assisting organisations achieve remarkable results through innovation. We do this by integrating your business STRATEGY, your need for INNOVATION and by tapping into the talents and minds of your PEOPLE.

Consulting | We are Experts

BRG’s network of international partners enables us to design and deliver unique and credible solutions in the fields of leadership development, change management and organizational transformation. BRG’s Partnership with Dave Ulrich’s RBL consulting practice ensures that interventions can be sustained by building internal HR capability.

Innovation | We are Thinkers

BRG has an innate ability to think differently. We bring new ideas and fresh thinking to life in any organisation, equipping leaders with the tools of lateral thinking. We facilitate ideation workshops, deliver training that builds innovation capability, as well as coordinate the design and development of social innovation strategies.

Strategy | We are Facilitators

Working closely with CEOs and executive teams, we help leverage internal capability, skills and scarce resources. At BRG, we believe that strategy cannot happen in isolation of people and new ideas. This means that the ability to think differently and creatively is the key to identifying new directions for a business – ones that outsmart the competition and extract the best value from current assets.

Events | We are Thought Leaders

We source the best to bring you the best. BRG Events provides access to world class thought leaders, their thinking, insights and content. Each event is designed to ensure an exceptional learning experience, themed around our key pillars of strategy, leadership and innovation.

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