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Who Is This For?

Our service offering spans Leadership, Strategy, Innovation and People, the integration of which harnesses unique levels of value for organisations. Our advisory services are suitable for medium to large corporations looking to accelerate growth.


Business Results Group’s advisory services give you access to our best content, tailored to serve the specific needs of your business. Organisations and markets operate much like complex jigsaw puzzles, where the edges constantly redefine themselves. This encroachment into new territories requires that companies and their leaders continually rethink, innovate and respond swiftly to the changing landscape.  

Business Results Group is a trusted partner to some of the world’s most accomplished thought leaders, including Robert Kaplan, Dave Ulrich, Liz Wiseman, Dr Tara Swart and Edward de Bono. Our team of expert consultants coalesce to leverage these capabilities, while bringing local context and expertise along with proven corporate track records and academic rigour. 

We carry this theme of partnership into our client environments, seeking to transfer capability so that your people leverage our expertise to design and deliver the best solutions.

Our team of expert consultants bring expertise, proven corporate track records and academic rigour in the following areas:


Leadership Development

A diagnostic tool that identifies, in real time, how current resources are being allocated and utilised.  This diagnostic is ideally suited for organisational effectiveness and efficiency audits, as well as resource optimisation exercises.

Performance Management

An approach that aligns performance metrics, conversations and tools with strategy, culture reinforcement. Fostering team and individual accountability, personal growth and transparency. We have the tools and training to ensure these crucial conversations and processes are effective.


Staying Competitive Survey

A new on-line survey offering insights into organisational competitiveness. This bespoke tool can be custom built to address specific issues within your organisation, and be used as a tool to benchmark your organisation against best practice regional performance.

Strategy Design & Planning

Facilitation of strategic thinking, planning and design processes using Business Results Group’s “Strategic Conversations” framework. Our experience with many of the top 100 companies in South Africa ensures that the methodology has both rigour and flexibility.

Strategic Capability Building

Training in strategic thinking, strategic conversations and strategic decision making and giving your internal leaders and consultants exposure to the tools and techniques used by Business Results Group to assist their clients in delivering results.


Innovation Strategy

Develop a clearly defined strategy that answers the why of innovation, which then integrates into your business processes including recruitment, onboarding, development, culture, technology, collaboration and reward and recognition systems.

Innovation Capability Building

Train your teams in a range of innovation capability programmes from lateral thinking to simplicity. All of our courses are offered by certified De Bono Thinking Systems practitioners and programmes are backed by officially accredited De Bono training materials.

Innovation Think Tanks

Need a solution fast? Got a real problem to solve? Competitors moving your cheese? Look no further than a Business Results Group hands-on innovation think tank. Fast, fun, interactive and always on the money, our approach to new thinking is sure to find you the results you need.


People Strategy (HR | OD | Talent)

A consultative process involving, trend analysis as well as developing a heat map of your organisation, identifying the critical risk and success factors for an effective people strategy. Micro and macro analysis resulting in a powerful, relevant and competitive people strategy.

Strategic Change

A combination of readiness assessment, training, communication and coaching support to leaders and managers currently effecting change in your business.

Organisational Diagnostics

A proprietary diagnostic tool that assesses in real-time what are the current resources being utilized (i.e. accessibility, alignment and security) and how well they are using them in terms of practices (i.e. effectiveness, efficiency and renewal).

Organisational Design

A scientific approach of diagnosis and prognosis utilising a well researched and applied behavioural science methodologies. Our team is able to act as a sounding board and we are also able to support and train HR practitioners to ensure sustained results.

HR Capability Building

Combining measurement & self-awareness tools with OD and leadership diagnostics, we offer an an extensive range of licenced training programmes, delivered in partnership with Dave Ulrich’s RBL Group.

Leadership Development

Custom designed learning experiences integrate global best practice tools and methods, with local context and content to ensure that you get programmes that are fit for purpose and build the leadership bench strength required for success. Programmes combine personal and professional mastery programmes that are turning points for leadership performance and culture.


“Culture eats strategy for breakfast.” – Peter Drucker. A specifically designed diagnostic that identifies your company’s position on the high performance culture dimensions as well as providing support in the redesign of processes and systems to drive behaviour change across the business.

Employee Wellbeing

A proven series of tools combined with neuroscience practice enable us to design and deliver a solution that upskills your managers to appropriately lead high performing and healthy teams that deliver results.