Improve Your Workplace Communication

Five Hacks To Improve Your Workplace Communication Skills

Written by Michelle Riklan Managing Director of Riklan Resources LLC and expert in employment, employee relations, and training and development coaching.   Millennials like to communicate using texts, emails, chats and emojis. They rely on technology so much that 83% of millennials surveyed in a Nielsen study admit to sleeping with their smartphone, while more than 30% use social […]

Have you flipped the switch to global thinking yet?

Have you flipped the switch to global thinking yet?

 By Kirsty Thompson         Thank you to everyone that voted in our poll on whether international leadership training programs are relevant in South Africa. An overwhelming number of you voted YES, agreeing that international leadership training programs are relevant in South Africa, but we also had some interesting comments. One hit the […]

Multipliers 5 Secrets

5 Secrets To Double Your Team’s Intelligence

Multiplier leaders behave similarly in 5 ways: they act as talent magnets, liberators, challengers, debate makers and investors.  Talent Magnets don’t have a shortage of talent, quite the opposite – people line up to work for them.  They have an innate ability to identify what Wiseman calls the “native genius” in each member of their […]

Understanding the Brain: Why men and women lead differently

By Timothy Maurice Webster For centuries, the fusion of poor science, religion and backward cultural beliefs propped up patriarchy and dealt a blow to women’s leadership aspirations the world over. The enlightenment era (17th-19th century) helped usher in healthier dialogue around women’s rights outside the home. The world is beginning to awaken to the power […]

Dr Tara Swart’s 5 Brain Health Habits For Better Leadership

By Savannah Freemantle Dr Tara Swart is a neuroscientist and leadership coach with a unique brain health angle on what it takes to be a better leader and achieve success. Her aim is to teach people why optimal brain functionality is important in a leader. Explaining that it strengthens your decision-making and improves your performance at work. She says […]

How to beat jet-lag

By Dr Tara Swart Tips for fast recovery when travelling accross time zones. It is generally accepted that taking a holiday is good for the brain. It presents us with an opportunity to rest and recalibrate, improving our capacity for creative thinking and giving us a chance to go on a digital detox from our smartphones, […]