Dr Tara Swart’s 5 Brain Health Habits For Better Leadership

By Savannah Freemantle Dr Tara Swart is a neuroscientist and leadership coach with a unique brain health angle on what it takes to be a better leader and achieve success. Her aim is to teach people why optimal brain functionality is important in a leader. Explaining that it strengthens your decision-making and improves your performance at work. She says […]

How to beat jet-lag

By Dr Tara Swart Tips for fast recovery when travelling accross time zones. It is generally accepted that taking a holiday is good for the brain. It presents us with an opportunity to rest and recalibrate, improving our capacity for creative thinking and giving us a chance to go on a digital detox from our smartphones, […]

Digital Detox

The Benefits of a Digital Detox

By Dr Tara Swart Neuroscience and understanding the brain is far more important for business than we might first imagine. Neuroscience-based coaching can help create the ideal environment and mindset in which business leaders can thrive, enjoy their work, and build happier teams too. In today’s extremely frenetic work environment, some reports say that we […]

Creating Debate to Improve Decision Making

By Liz Wiseman There is a growing belief that good leaders are made, not born. We now know that leadership skills can be taught – that management practices can and should be refined and improved upon as leadership styles and behaviors evolve. We are all too familiar with the leader who drains intelligence and capability out […]

Talent VS Organisation

Talent VS Organisation

By Professor Dave Ulrich In today’s rapidly changing business world, the challenge of building the right organisation complements and supersedes the talent challenge.  For the past 15 to 20 years, leaders have been encouraged by remarkable work captured in the “war for talent.” Many have built systems for bringing people into the organisation (sourcing, having a value proposition), […]