• Dr Edward de Bono

    Building innovation capability

Who Is This For?

These programmes are relevant to anyone required to think differently, solve complex problems, design alternatives, facilitate team problem solving and to those making both operational and strategic decisions. The content is especially relevant for leaders, strategists, innovators, knowledge workers, facilitators and team leaders as well as anyone required to change the corporate mindset and think ‘out of the box’.


Innovation is the number one priority of companies seeking the essential competitive advantage. Exhausting brain storming sessions and “luck” needn’t be the means of developing breakthrough ideas. In an age of increased access to information and competition, the ability to innovate is essential. Dr Edward de Bono developed practical tools to support innovative behaviour within organisations. Used by many Fortune 500 and blue chip South African organisations, De Bono Thinking Systems accelerates the innovation process and helps develop strategic thinking competence, essential to organisational growth.

Business Results Group is the official licensed distributor of De Bono Thinking Systems for sub-Saharan Africa. All programmes can be tailored for transformation based on organisational needs.

In Partnership With

Six Thinking Hats®

Six Thinking Hats® utilises parallel thinking, a powerful and constructive alternative to adversarial thinking. This process separates thinking into deliberate categories and then keeps it focused and on track. The Six Thinking Hats methodology has proven time and again to effectively change the way teams think and communicate. Its simple techniques generate faster, better decisions; reduce time spent in meetings by focusing thinking and improving the quality of output; improve teamwork by fostering the involvement of everyone in the decision; and speed up problem solving by structuring thinking to reach clear, logical and rational conclusions.

This programme will assist participants in being able to:

  • Lead shorter and more productive meetings
  • Facilitate meetings to ensure full participation and openness from all players
  • Sequence thinking and meeting agendas through the Six Thinking Hats® framework to achieve results
  • Look at problems and decisions systematically
  • Stimulate innate creativity

Lateral ThinkingTM

Vertical thinking gives us the gift of logic. Lateral Thinking gives us the gift of creativity. A person uses lateral thinking to move from one known idea to creating new ideas. Unlike many creative thinking approaches, Lateral Thinking provides a proven systematic approach to creativity. Through a series of deliberate techniques, innovative ideas and solutions emerge that deliver tangible business solutions.

This programme will assist participants in being able to:

  • Quickstart creativity via structured thinking processes to facilitate personal and group idea generation
  • Challenge current thinking by considering alternatives outside of the status quo and established thinking patterns
  • Harvest and evaluate ideas generated in a creative session for practical implementation
  • Generate unique solutions to difficult problems
  • Provide deliberate techniques that will support Lateral Thinking in the workplace

Power of Perception

The quality of decision making in any business is directly related to the level of business success. Regrettably, many decisions made are poor and ill conceived – mainly due to a lack of recognising and considering the underlying factors that are key for sound decision making. The Power of Perception is a powerful set of tools structured within a decision-making framework. Each carries out a defined function and collectively they provide a strategic framework for a wide range of analytical thinking and decision-making activities.

This programme will assist participants in being able to:

  • Apply ten simple tools that will sharpen perception and focus thinking
  • Gain a comprehensive understanding of any situation, problem or opportunity
  • Review the consequences of each decision and consider all the effects of a decision
  • Consider and assess alternatives, choices and possibilities before making a decision
  • Recognize the perceptions of others
  • Define priorities

Six Value Medals

Value is fast becoming the differentiator in business today. Adding value, delivering value and designing compelling value propositions lie at the core of decisions and competitive advantage.

Dr de Bono’s Six Value Medals is the fastest selling de Bono course world-wide and provides a step-by-step framework for designing compelling value propositions for stakeholders. Identifying and resolving conflicts in values that have a negative impact on employees, the organisation, clients, community relationships and more is a core part of the process.

This programme will assist participants in being able to:

  • Understand how to increase the value of the organisation by leveraging existing resources – from customers, to employees and stakeholders
  • Uncover hidden values which will strengthen decision-making processes
  • Search for and develop meaningful value, and rank values based on impact
  • Complete a big-picture value scan and resolve value conflicts
  • Evaluate ideas based on value and make sound value-based decisions


The world of work is plagued by complexity. As systems, products and processes evolve, they often become more complex than they need to be. Simplicity is the ultimate way to test if you could be doing something more smartly, more efficiently and more profitably. Simplicity will teach you how to uncomplicate business processes and streamline the world of work.

This programme will assist participants in being able to:

  • Target an area of complexity and define objectives
  • Apply the de Bono simplicity tools
  • Sharpen complex creative concepts and restructure grey areas
  • Form an implementation plan based on the suggested changes and clearer complex concepts
  • Get new innovations and ideas to market – faster, smarter and more cost effectively

Focus on Facilitation

Having the ability to walk into any meeting, with any group of people and help them be more effective is key. Focus on Facilitation combines mechanisms from all three de Bono Thinking Systems core tools, enabling you to become an expert facilitator for any kind of meeting. Get employees engaged and help them accomplish much more before, during, and after attending the new kinds of meetings you will plan and facilitate for them.

This programme will assist participants in being able to:

  • Apply multiple integrated coached facilitation practices
  • Facilitate any meeting, with any group of people
  • Engage teams more effectively before, during and after meetings
  • Drive employee accountability and engagement

If you don’t design your future, someone or something else will design it for you. The past is not a sufficient blueprint for the future. You can analyse the past but you have to design the future.

Dr Edward de Bono