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Who Is This For?

These programmes are designed for Senior Executives and Managers who are directly responsible for leading others and ensuring the best possible performance from their teams. The programmes are also particularly useful for leaders seeking to transform culture, build a new leadership brand or simply get the most value, potential and intelligence out of their existing talent.


Build on your most important resource: your people and their leadership abilities. Today’s busy leaders need much more than an academic view of the world; they need tangible and practical tools that will help them deliver competitive results and make an impact.

Business Results Group offers global best practice leadership interventions that enhance the ability of leaders to leverage the thinking and talents of their teams through a simple philosophy and practical skills that can be applied day to day in the workplace. We work with neuroscience coaching and insights to create innovative models of leadership and team development for high performance environments as well as courses that enhance personal communication skills.

All programmes can be tailored for transformation.

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Multipliers Leadership | Liz Wiseman

Multipliers is a leadership development programme and philosophy that emerged from a global research project to understand why some leaders seemed to amplify the intelligence of people on their team, while others seemed to drain it. The results were astounding, and published by the research team, Liz Wiseman and Greg McKeown, in their best-selling book Multipliers. This research is now available as a leadership development programme and is being used by Fortune 500 companies around the world including Facebook, Airbnb, General Electric, Nike, Sasol and Standard Bank. Multipliers offers leaders a toolkit that is guaranteed to transform your leadership culture. The results are speaking for themselves.

At the heart of the Multipliers™ Leadership Journey is the licensed Multipliers content that unlocks the full learning journey. Typically delivered as a two day workshop, this content can also be delivered in a variety of ways.

Multipliers Training

Multipliers Training

This program outlines how ‘Multipliers’ have mastered the art of attracting talent and getting more done with far fewer resources and demonstrates how to move from a ‘diminisher’ or ‘accidental diminisher’ state, to being a Multiplier. The 360 Assessments enhance self-awareness and form the basis for personal development. Case studies, integrated team work and class debates help participants to apply the Multiplier framework to current organisational challenges.

The progam will assist participants in being able to:

  • Understand the principles of leading like a Multiplier and the disciplines that distinguish ‘Multipliers’’ from ‘Diminishers’
  • Improve ability to manage teams effectively
  • Attract, nurture and retain great talent
  • Identify six accidental management behaviours and understand how they disengage teams
  • Access tools to enhance Multiplier styles and get more value from existing resources and people assets

Practical and relevant, Multipliers™ training guides leaders through a series of experiments that systematically unpacks the Multiplier practices and behaviours. Each practice is designed to allow participants to understand their own style as well as learn from the success and failure of their colleagues and peers.

Multipliers™ Workshop on-site delivery options

Two-Day Delivery – This official workshop covers the Multipliers™ principles and all five Multiplier practices.  

One-Day Delivery – This condensed workshop covers the key Multipliers™ principles and two of the five Multiplier practices.  

Modular Delivery – A series of six spaced modules (face-to-face or online), each taking a deep dive into the various Multiplier practices, immediately followed by workplace application assignments.

Individual Executive Sessions – Executives unable to take two full days for training are able to complete the official Multipliers™ content through a series of eight one-on-one coaching sessions.

Multipliers Assessments

One of the most powerful ways to develop the Multiplier Mindset is to provide leaders with personal insights. Business Results Group offer Multipliers ‘Self’ or comprehensive ‘360’ Assessment tools, providing leaders with rich insights into their current leadership style, as well as a very tangible behaviour toolkit for “tweaking” styles to tap into talent. Organisational and team diagnostics are also available.

Multipliers™ Assessments 

360: Using the full breadth of Multiplier-Diminisher behaviours, this robust 79-question, multi-rater assessment allows a leader to quickly access a baseline across the Multipliers model. The report includes a net score (Multiplier behaviours minus Diminisher behaviours) across each of the five disciplines. It also includes the Top 5 Multiplier behaviours and the Top 5 Diminisher behaviours to allow an individual to quickly identify a few high-leverage starting points. 

Self: This report is based on the same 79 questions that make up the Multipliers 360 and provides a quick approximation of the ways participants may be Multiplying or Diminishing the intelligence of the people around them. The report includes a net score (Multiplier behaviours minus Diminisher behaviours) across each of the five disciplines. A sample report is available upon request.

*Team Aggregate Reports, available based on the above assessments, are also available.

Multipliers Keynotes

A 90-minute keynote presentation is an ideal way to test your company’s appetite for the Multipliers Model, and to determine its suitability for your business. Keynotes are also an ideal way of reaching large audiences in a limited period of time or to share the Multiplier philosophy with the broader organisation. Extended keynotes that include personal assessment reports are also available.

Multipliers Coaching

Business Results Group’s trained pool of facilitators and coaches are able to provide personal one-on-one development options for busy executives and small teams. Coupled with the 360 Assessment, coaching takes leaders on a personal and confidential journey of discovery, resulting in a new approach to leadership that genuinely helps leaders and organisations transform by tapping into the innate intelligence that already exists within the business. As an internationally recognised programme, Multipliers is being readily adopted by multinational organisations who are able draw on a global pool of trained facilitators and coaches, ensuring consistent application of methods around the world.

Multipliers - Individual Contributor

Build a High Performing Culture 

Organisations are increasingly focused on creating environments where people can bring their best thinking and do their best work – where each person’s intelligence and capability is utilised to its fullest.  We call this a high contribution culture.

The emphasis is normally placed on leaders to create this environment, however research is now showing the powerful importance of the other variable – the way the individual contributor shows up.

Multipliers™ Multiply your Impact

For companies who are embarking on a culture journey, and who are looking to build a high performance culture, the Multiply Your Impact program is an ideal intervention for the individual contributor.  

Where leaders and managers have completed the Multipliers™ Leadership training, this program enables organisations to cascade and reinforce the concepts and stimulate a change in behaviour by ensuring alignment of activities to business strategies, providing a language for change and ensuring a faster adoption of the Multipliers™ philosophy as part of the business culture.  

Just like it takes intentional leadership to deeply engage team members and get their best thinking and work, it takes intentional contribution from employees to do their best work. It’s easy for employees to operate in a state of reactive followership.  

The Multipleirs™ Multiply your Impact program is available as a one-day intensive workshop or as a 3-month learning journey that includes  pre-work, as well as a series of workplace assignments supported by learning circles. One-to-one coaching is also available which provides a powerful addition to the learning experience.   

Training is split into the following three core modules. All content is supported on the Axonify digital learning platform.

Module #1 – Getting into the game (Understand the agenda and get on it. Know your Native Genius and offer it)

Module #2 – Playing at your best (Deliberate ownership for your work. Negotiate the necessities. The art of offering a clear point of view)

Module #3 – Staying in the game (Defending yourself against yourself & others)

Leadership can be learned. New evidence from neuroscience clearly points to ways that leaders can engage with and motivate others, allowing them and their organisations to continue discovering their potential.

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