A unique series of development programs designed for leaders operating in the NEW world of work.

Business Results Group public programs are ideal for smaller teams and individuals who want to be exposed to our international training content.  These sessions are also a great way for L&D professionals to preview and assess the suitability of the content ahead of larger interventions.

All programs are LIVE and facilitated by an experienced accredited trainer in an online virtual environment. They are immersive, interactive and powerful learning experiences designed for skills transfer and application.  Most workshops are structured into five 90min – 2hour sessions. All include asynchronous learning elements, peer to peer discussion and practical engagement, as well as workplace assignments and post-session follow up.

Whether you are interested in amplifying the smarts and capabilities of the people around you, communicating with clarity, brevity, and impact, or turning your ideas into strategic, innovative, and high-value products or services, we have a workshop for you!

For more information or help with booking multiple delegates onto one of our internationally acclaimed public workshops, contact Boiko Lehana Boiko@brg.co.za

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Truly great leaders use their intelligence to amplify the smarts and capabilities of the people around them.

Business Results Group, the exclusive provider of Multipliers™ Training & Assessments in Sub-Saharan Africa, invite you to embark on a journey to become a Multiplier Leader. Join this highly engaging practical virtual Instructor-Led workshop to learn how to lead like a Multiplier; understand how certain behaviours may be accidentally diminishing and acquire the skills and toolset to increasingly integrate Multiplier traits into your leadership style.

Learn to become a Genius Maker

Dive deep into the key disciplines that distinguish Multipliers from other leaders and learn how to develop a culture of Multiplying intelligence. Receive skill-building opportunities in areas where Multiplier leadership practices can practically and quickly be put to work, whether that’s inside your organisation, team, community or family. Participants will walk away having:

  • Tools to practice new Multiplier behaviours.
  • Identified where they may be accidentally diminishing.
  • The steps to create a culture of genius making.
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In the digital age of information overload, time-scarcity, and virtual interaction, effective communication skills have never been more critical.

The ability to analyse, organise and present ideas rapidly is now an essential skill with an individual’s seniority within an organisation often heightening this requirement. Join this internationally acclaimed workshop and equip yourself to get ideas across clearly, concisely, persuasively, and memorably.

Power up your Communication Skills

Think on your Feet® is an internationally acclaimed communication workshop that will train you to structure your thinking and organise your ideas with CLARITY, BREVITY and IMPACT®.

This virtual Instructor-Led workshop introduces  the ‘capsules of persuasion’ concept and provides 10 practical plans that help you to structure thoughts and ideas quickly. You will leave with an improved capacity to explain complex ideas; get to the point; be more persuasive; respond on the spot and improve the listeners’ retention. And thats a game changer!

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Make every meeting, moment, and decision count!

Virtual teams are here to stay, so how do we get them collaborating and performing?  This program gives teams and team leaders a proven, effective, and efficient methodology that is guaranteed to raise the bar of your virtual team’s performance.  Six Thinking Hats is a structured approach to thinking that is designed to improve collaboration, problem-solving, innovation, and decision making.  This program is ideal for teams that are required to manage projects and produce results in an agile operating environment.

Power Up Your Virtual Team Effectiveness

The virtual world of work calls on us to think differently about how we engage our colleagues and get the best out of our teams.  A proven approach for effective communication and collaboration is a technique called Parallel Thinking™.  This concept is brought to life with the application of Six Thinking Hats™, which provides a robust methodology and toolset when collaborating in teams.  It’s ideal for virtual teams, project teams, agile teams, and any group of people involved in making joint decisions, generating ideas, and solving everyday or complex problems.


I want to express my heartfelt thanks for the time and energy you spent with our team. I often find myself ‘learning’ because of unplanned encounters and feel like I have taken a giant leap in terms of this growth since our encounter. I am extremely grateful to you.

Yumna Yassat
Nedbank Limited

Wow, I found tremendous value out of this workshop and want to thank you personally for the time you took to come over and impart some of your insightful and practical pearls with us regarding talent, leadership and culture.
Natasha Nair
Mr Price Home

It has been the most beneficial one-day seminar that I have ever attended. We all have the workbook permanently on our desk as a reference manual.
Cathy Albertan
Coca Cola Sabco

My aha! moment was finding out that I need to understand the learning styles of my stakeholders and pitch my presentations appropriately.
Zilase Banda

Best course that I have done in 10 years (if not ever).
Grayson Vollenhoven

Practicing the skills being taught during the course ensured that it did not remain only theory. It provided a safe environment to learn and experiment with the new skills so that I am now confident to apply it. I am now comfortable, and even look forward to, presenting.
Mr. Lourens

You’re able to apply the learnings immediately and find you listen to other people’s presentations, speeches, etc. in a new way! The training is certainly worth the price and this was the first training course that I really felt I could apply immediately in my day‐to‐day work, without too much effort.
Anne Potgieter
Avon (Pty) Ltd

The facilitation by Kirsty was excellent. The course was one of the few practical “training sessions” and hence added a lot more value than traditional training sessions. The concepts that were taught are easy to understand and put to use!
Muneer Omar

The presenters passion for the content was compelling. The course was genuinely interesting and provides a valuable structure for communication.
Censuka Mukadam

This was one of the most impactful workshops I’ve ever done in my career.
Karin Walters