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HR practitioners and organisations looking for world-class HR practices and tools. HR professionals have more opportunities than ever before to impact business success.


Business Results Group is the exclusive African partner to Dave Ulrich’s RBL consultancy group. Together we provide access to unique content and tools designed to build HR teams into core business partners that drive organisations to achieve strategic results.

The RBL Group programmes have been designed exclusively for HR professionals who are looking to build their own set of skills, while at the same time adding a new level of HR value to the organisation. Offered in a range of 1-2 day onsite interventions,  the content is easy to access, highly relevant and packed with useful insights and tools for immediate and practical application. All programmes can be tailored to meet specific requirements, and adapted to support your internal HR capability building agenda.

Participants qualify for 2 IPM CPD points per training day. Participants who complete 5 of the 8
programmes will receive a Certificate of Completion from Dave Ulrich’s The RBL Group.

Also offered as individual, or a series of, 2 day public workshops.

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Building HR Competency

Helping HR professionals align to the global standards, this programme provides individuals with a personal benchmark to assess their own performance and identify specific areas for personal and professional improvement. Included in this module is a personal self-assessment or 360-degree assessment, providing participants with insights for a personal development plan.

This programme will assist you in being able to:

  • Understand how HR changes impact business results
  • Understand effective HR professionals’ competencies
  • Assess personal strengths and weaknesses in each HR competency area
  • Identify competencies most relevant to current and future job requirements
  • Create an outcome-orientated action plan to better deliver required business results

HR Metrics & Analytics

Measuring is easy, but figuring out what to measure to understand business performance is harder. In this workshop, participants use a framework to learn what matters to business performance and strategy implementation, and create a measurement strategy to track the impact of current HR practices.

This programme will assist you in being able to:

  • Understand finance fundamentals
  • Increase awareness of the business’s current performance in the market and trends that could impact future performance
  • Connect business strategy to organisational capabilities and HR practices
  • Create a measurement strategy
  • Analyse data to identify required actions

How HR Creates Value

This workshop focuses on HR’s strategic contribution to an organisation, and its ability to help that business build capabilities which differentiate and create competitive advantage in the market. HR practices and processes need to connect with the overall business strategy and provide value to broader stakeholders.

This programme will assist you in being able to:

  • Develop an outside-in value-creation mindset
  • Build participants’ ability to understand finance fundamentals
  • Increase awareness of the business’s current performance in the market and trends that could impact future performance
  • Translate the business’ strategic direction into a set of prioritized and integrated organisational capabilities required for successful implementation of the strategy
  • Identify critical capability metrics to drive change and measure performance

Talent & Engagement

Engaged talent produces measurably better business results. In this workshop, participants learn to take a strategic perspective on talent. An engaging simulation helps them experience first-hand the manager experience and the importance of talent in day-to-day execution and longer-term strategy execution.

This programme will assist you in being able to:

  • Understand first-hand how talent strategy is connected to business results
  • Create a talent portfolio that meets the strategic needs of the business
  • Learn strategies for helping employees successfully move through career transitions
  • Identify the organisation’s employee brand and how well HR systems reinforce that proposition
  • Take a strategic approach to succession planning and talent development and understand levers that can be used to build better engagement throughout the organisation

Business Partner Consulting Skills

With the right perspective and tools, HR professionals can overcome the pull toward being simply a ‘pair of hands’ and instead initiate and facilitate processes that solve pressing problems and help their business deliver results. This workshop focuses on the three critical components of the consulting success: managing yourself, managing stakeholders, and managing the project. Participants identify a current consulting project to which they can apply learning.

This programme will assist you in being able to:

  • Understand the importance of what you bring as a coach: trust, courage, networks and questioning
  • Learn and apply tools for understanding and managing stakeholders and identify strategies to manage resistance that impacts project success
  • Build skills in scoping, diagnosing, and contracting projects with business leaders
  • Improve your ability to set up project teams that will lead to successful project outcomes
  • Integrate change management principles to enable project completion and business impact

Organisational Diagnosis & Design

Designed to help HR professionals develop a systemic understanding of organisations using the Organisational Systems Model. This workshops includes the opportunity for participants to diagnose real-world scenarios and strategise a full system improvement plan. Our approach involves an extensive number of tools to give participants the best learning environment possible, including learning to see the ‘little things’ that are often invisible to managers, but which prove to be major barriers to improvements.

This programme will assist you in being able to:

  • Increase diagnostic skills to better understand how the organisation really operates
  • Systemically strategise about business challenges in the organisation
  • Develop greater confidence that the focus areas of change in the organisation will make a real difference to business results
  • Increase confidence in using high-performance diagnosis and design tools

Change Management

Technical and practical understanding of change management principles is essential to help organisations implement the pace and progress of change. In this workshop, participants learn to apply a comprehensive framework and use practical tools to build their skills and improve existing change efforts. It helps participants know how to turn ‘what we know’ into ‘what we do’ and make change a pattern, not an event.

This programme will assist you in being able to:

  • Launch and manage the team needed to lead change
  • Build the case for change and how it adds value
  • Identify a clear sense of the intended outcome of the initiative to create defined direction
  • Engage stakeholders to get buy-in from everyone required to deliver the initiative and overcome resistance
  • Ensure decisions get made to keep progress on track
  • Institutionalise the initiative by embedding it into technology, HR and financial systems and processes
  • Monitor and learn by tracking the success of the change and adapt based on results

Coaching for Results

Using RBL’s Coaching for Results model, participants improve their coaching skills and become more effective in one-on-one coaching settings. This workshop focuses heavily on providing time and tools to participants to practice coaching in real-life scenarios, including giving feedback to business leaders, high-stakes interventions, performance coaching, and possibly career development conversations.

This programme will assist you in being able to:

  • Use the REAP Coaching for Results model to structure effective coaching conversations
  • Practise personal listening skills and become more aware of existing barriers to listening
  • Understand how to build trust to improve coaching success
  • Improve personal ability to use curiosity and questioning to create better coaching conversations
  • Understand how to manage ‘self’ in order to enhance ownership and problem-solving by the coaching client
  • Improve skills in coaching for feedback, career development and/or performance management
  • Build capability to manage the coaching process

“Research confirms what we intuitively know: aligned, innovative and integrated HR practices make a dramatic difference in individual and organisational performance.” David Ulrich, HR from the Outside In”

David Ulrich
HR from the Outside In