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Who Is This For?

Business Results Group has set up a unique opportunity that enables you to test our mettle and see what fits your business. Select from our range of keynotes and have one of our consultants facilitate a strategic conversation with your team, landing the keynote and the learning in real time.


The current economic environment means that more often than not, training budgets are tight and people have less time for training and development (needing to do more with less).  However the need to continuously develop learning and keep people engaged has never been more critical.  Businesses want and need a more tangible and immediate ROI on training and development. Current research also points clearly to the effectiveness of modular learning; short, sharp shots of content.  

All keynotes are founded on:

  • Purpose: defining and understanding the outcome for a session
  • Innovation: providing an opportunity to think differently and to generate ideas
  • Results: refining outputs into actions so that the team ultimately achieves a result

Options for keynote delivery:

Power Hour

Book one of Business Results Group’s expert presenters for a truly unique keynote experience.  This straight forward 60 minute keynote of your choice is ideal for events, company conferences, executive breakaways, motivational sessions and onsite fly backs.

Every keynote we deliver is unique, powerful and adapted for each client and context.

Keynotes & Conversations Workshops

This approach combines a 90-minute keynote with a facilitated strategic dialogue session. The keynote energises the team and provides fast learning of relevant content, whilst the facilitated conversation affords an opportunity to directly apply and embed that learning within to your own unique organisational context.

Be Really Great Day

An excellent way to get exposure to a broad range of world class content is to design your own day of learning.  Select from a range of 60 minute keynotes to energise, motivate and drive key learning concepts to your teams. Ensure immediate skills transfer and application of learning into business whilst maximising return and value for investment. This is also a very cost effective way to get exposure to a wide range of content or judge the organisational fit of a larger training intervention.

Choose from the following Keynotes:

Multipliers Leadership

The Multipliers Keynote explores why some leaders seem to amplify the intelligence of people on their team, while others seem to drain it. ‘Multipliers’ have mastered the art of attracting talent and getting more done with far fewer resources. What could you do if you were accessing your team’s full intelligence?

  • This keynote unpacks the Multipliers Model developed by Liz Wiseman to understand the disciplines that distinguish Multiplier and Diminisher behaviours
  • The six ‘Accidental Diminisher’ management behaviours are unpacked in order to understand how they disengage teams
  • The Extreme Question Challenge (A key Multiplying tool) is presented and practiced which immediately brings up a natural Multiplying style

Neuroscience of Leadership

The cutting edge of leadership development lies in the field of neuroscience.  Cited as the one sure way of being able to develop leadership as a skill, rather than an innate ability, this topic has rapidly found its way into top boardrooms around the world.

These series of keynotes are presented by Dr Tara Swart, a globally recognized expert in this field, with a background in Psychiatry and a PhD in Neuroscience from MIT.  Tara is a sought after guest speaker, lecturer and presenter.  Select from a range of Neuroscience keynote options including:

  • Neuroscience for Leadership covers; resilience as a cognitive process, diversity of thinking, building a culture for success and mindsets & mindfulness

Also available:

  • Leading Sustainable Performance
    Keynote covers: The neuro-endocrinology of stress, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well being, the impact of health on performance and performance impact techniques
  • Your Brain on Money
    Keynote covers: the neuroscience of financial risk taking, how bold decisions are made, the impact of the endocrine system on decisions, building decision-making credibility

Think Differently

Innovation is the number one priority for companies seeking the essential competitive advantage. Exhausting brain storming sessions and “luck” needn’t be the means for developing breakthrough ideas. Thinking DifferentlyTM  is a dynamic keynote which explores how Lateral Thinking can be leveraged in creating differentiated business models.

  • This keynote explores how Thinking Differently can be harnessed and leveraged to drive innovation
  • The Innovation Tools and Techniques demonstrated in this session are a condensed approach to developing Lateral Thinking capabilities
  • The objective is to create awareness of need for innovation at a strategic level within the business. In addition, innovation can be used as an antidote to business challenges on a day-to- day basis, as well as a means of involving teams in a decision making process

Achievement - Believe | Focus | Endure

In a world of ever increasing challenges and fast paced change, it’s critical that we start with a belief in what’s possible, and our own place in that world of possibility. This powerful keynote is presented by three times World Championship Ironman athlete and successful entrepreneur Kirsty Thompson.  Kirsty uses each element of an Ironman Triathlon race to draw parallels around what it takes to achieve;  Belief, Focus, and Endurance.  She will share with your team what it takes to succeed when the goals are big and the road ahead is both uncertain and long. Belief is critical to innovation. Focus is essential to get results. Endurance breeds a deeper sense of purpose. Kirsty is passionate that this drive to achieve (in whatever area of life) is something that we should nurture.

  • This keynote explores the generation of a believe in your own effectiveness and efficiency, your own skills and capacity and that of the goal at hand
  • Patience and the drive to stay focused
  • Resilience and the ability to tap into your own inner ‘grit’ and drive forward when the going gets tough
  • This is an ideal presentation for teams going through tough times, with tough goals and a big target to hit. At the end of this presenation participants will have insight into the courage that it takes to get ahead, and begin to believe that “Anything is possible”

Critical Communication - Clarity | Brevity | Impact

95% of workplace communication is informal and in the high-pressure, time-scarce knowledge economy of today, effective communication is critical. Credible Communication is a 90 minute keynote which explores the importance of being able to to analyse, organise and present your ideas fast and how structure can be used effectively to communicate with clarity, brevity, and impact.

  • This keynote unpacks how credible communication is becoming a core business skill
  • 3 (of the 10) frameworks are selected to share with the team (based on a needs analysis pre-workshop questionnaire) which will improve your credibility and confidence and listener retention through application of simple frameworks
  • Effective structure provides participants with the tools to explain complex ideas clearly, get to the point, be more persuasive and respond on the spot

Leadership Lessons from Legends

As a voyeur of leadership in action for more than 20 years, Nicola Tyler, CEO of Business Results Group, shares key insights, packaged into a powerful trio of models, that highlights the key difference between good leadership and really great leadership.  These observations have been used by leaders, strategists, HR managers and consultants to provide context for many different conversations in a business environment.  Powerful, practical and punchy.

  • Results | Leaders measure themselves by their intent, but others measure them by their behaviour.  Learn how to align your behaviour and your thinking to deliver the right results 
  • Integrity | It’s a loaded term, but leaders with integrity always rise to the top – authentic leaders are happy within. Nicola shares the key ingredient to leadership, happiness and organisational harmony
  • Recognition | There are two rules of leadership that present a paradox for anyone who chooses the chair.  Find out how to unlock the magic and mystery of succeeding through others.  Rule No. 1 is – it’s not about you! Rule No. 2 – it’s all about you!

Strategic Conversations

Presented by Nicola Tyler, CEO of Business Results Group , this keynote reveals a time-tested approach for facilitating a strategic conversation in a business, personal or community environment.  Nicolas approach has been used to facilitate conversations in companies around the world, from listed multinationals to township NGO’s. Clients report, over and over again that this methodology works. It has a powerful impact on the progress as a team.

  • Dialogue | Understanding the context of strategy and why a conversation is pivotal to ensure engagement and commitment to a future that does not yet exist
  • Framework | A framework for dialogue and how sequencing of questions impacts outcomes and results.  Unlocking the 4 hidden treasures of a successful strategy
  • Questions | 7 Strategic questions, the order, the naivety and the power of asking an open question to elicit powerful ideas, insights and responses for winning