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Who Is This For?

Executives and Managers responsible
for: Strategy, Human Capital, Finance, Technology, Processes, Remuneration, Change Management, Organisational Design, Performance Management, Learning & Development, Business Development and Customer Retention.


The ability to think, plan and operate strategically is fast becoming the true competitive advantage. Thinking and execution are both key, with companies increasingly being forced to make decisions in the face of adversity. When it comes to strategy, there is no silver bullet! Building your strategic capability will ensure that your organisation is ready when true strategic thinking is required.

Business Results Group is proud to provide you with a range of Strategic Capability options, ranging from training to facilitation, and custom built packages to suit your specific needs.

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Operative Strategy

This one-day training programme guides participants through a process that builds their strategic insight and capability. Based on the work of Nicola Tyler, who has led more than 300 strategic conversations in organisations both locally and internationally, Nicola provides us with her insights into how organisations build strategies that get implemented.

This programme will assist participants in being able to:

  • Make strategy simple
  • Build strategic thinking capability
  • Integrate strategic choices, decisions and actions
  • Design strategy in context
  • Evaluate strategic options for effective decision making
  • Implement change management – engage teams in getting things done
  • Build strategic capabilities – the role of HR in strategy execution
  • Understand and execute the 5-step action plan

Strategic Conversations 

This hallmark programme of Business Results Group provides participants with the tools to be able to lead and guide a strategic conversation. This process has been used and adopted by many of South Africa’s top organisations and is as applicable when solving a strategic problem as it is to design a long-term vision for a company. Practical, proven and highly effective, this 1-day training programme equips participants with an easy-to-follow and easy to implement framework for hosting strategic conversations in a business context. 

This programme will assist participants in being able to:

  • Engage people in strategic design and executing on it
  • Understanding and implementing the head, heart and hands approach
  • Drive a ‘strategic conversation’ using the 7-questions framework
  • Use fact finding tools for analytical thinking
  • Use SWOT analysis to turn macro thinking into micro results
  • Engage a team for collaborative decisions
  • Turn problems into opportunities
  • The strategy landscape – 4 key outcomes of a strategic conversation
  • Turn ideas into actions, initiatives and results
  • Understand what to measure and what to cull – prioritising resources for results

Strategic Innovation – Think Differently

According to the UK Department of Trade and Industry, innovation is “the successful exploitation of a new idea”. While the upfront thinking might be ‘out of the box’, true innovation happens when you have realised value from the thinking: when that idea has been turned into a tangible product, service or solution. In this workshop, participants will be guided through a process enabling them to think differently about business structures, models, products or services. Customised to suit specific requirements, and as relevant to operations as it is to brand strategy, this workshop is designed to solve specific problems, address relevant needs and get participants thinking as if there were no box to begin with.

This programme will assist participants in being able to:

  • Grow the future value of a business
  • Find ways to optimise current assets
  • Rethink a business model
  • Navigate out of trouble
  • Deal with industry trends, competition and talent.

Strategic Planning Facilitation 

Business Results Group’s accomplished team of facilitators is able to guide teams through a journey of strategic thinking, enabling the design and development of a winning strategy that is both competitive and achievable. This approach has been used by many of South Africa’s top organisations in turnaround situations, as well as in solving complex problems and increasing the performance and goals of a team.

All of Business Results Group’s facilitators are highly experienced and have been personally trained in Competitive Thinking Company’s Strategic Conversation Framework.

“The essence of strategy is choosing what not to do.”

Michael Porter