Have you flipped the switch to global thinking yet?

 By Kirsty Thompson





Thank you to everyone that voted in our poll on whether international leadership training programs are relevant in South Africa.

An overwhelming number of you voted YES, agreeing that international leadership training programs are relevant in South Africa, but we also had some interesting comments. One hit the nail on the head – ‘we need to start seeing ourselves as international and align to global standards’. Another comment warned against using ‘uniqueness to hide incompetence’.

So why might global programs be relevant?

The most obvious is that leading in a rapidly evolving global environment surely requires that we access a diversity of thought beyond our own borders and frames of reference. Whether it is the concepts and ideas of the ‘grandfathers’ of leadership theory, or the latest thinking and trends such as AI disrupting and transforming learning and development, we simply must expose ourselves more widely.

Relevance too, comes from the fact that many core leadership attributes have been widely shown to transcend geography and are considered universally applicable (GLOBE). Given the increased global nature of organisations, leadership training that can be delivered consistently to leaders across borders, provides a shared language and a reference point that can be powerful in driving the ownership of behaviour change and affecting a cultural shift in the organisation. And as Peter Drucker said: “Culture eats strategy for breakfast”!

The trend toward the global economic village is clear, and the 21st century may very well become known as the century of the “global world” (McFarland, Senen, & Childress, 1993). As leaders, now more than ever, it’s time to seek out the best in class thought leadership (from wherever that originates), make it contextually relevant to ourselves and our organisations, and do the hard work necessary to become the responsible, future-ready leaders to take our organisations and ourselves to great heights.

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